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Communications & Marketing

It’s not about us. It’s about you.


Sure, every single agency you’ve ever spoken to says they can give you this. It’s the business. What most agencies don’t do though is use creatives located in different parts of the world to focus on their local clients.

You get all the creativity you want.

The balance of contemporary Australian creative design and copywriting, and because we’re all remote, access to the latest design trends from Europe, Asia, the US and Latin America to help you stand out from the crowd.


Some days you need a copywriter to tweak a press release, others a full through-the-line campaign, media plan and buy from scratch. You need different services at different times.

You brief us and we assemble a team specifically for your individual project.

You get what you need today, not just the people we have in the office not working on other clients. The structure of Slatters allows you to access top-end talent at senior, mid and junior levels for less cost than if they were full-time, agency employees.


You need different services at different times. With a traditional agency you pay for all the staff in the business - all the time.

You don’t want your marketing budget covering suppliers’ staff you don’t use.

Our people don’t want to be full-time employees. They get the job done while balancing work/life be it parenting, part-time teaching or extended periods of global travel and working on the road.

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